Mrs. M. Del Bosque, Art 

Congratulations to Teacher of the Month, Mrs. Del Bosque! Always challenging her students with new and exciting art projects and decorating school hallways and the library with amazing art pieces, it is easy to see why Mrs. Del Bosque is our Teacher of the Month and why Dr. Cuellar continues to build champions! 


Mr. R. Castillo, Library Assistant

Congratulations to Employee of the Month, Mr. Castillo. Mr. Castillo is the face most students see when they enter the Library. He is in the library to help students find that perfect book they have been looking for or get students logged in to one of the library's many computers for research or homework! Thank you, Mr. Castillo for helping to build Dr. Cuellar's champions. 




Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School was awarded the Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship certification for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Digital citizenship builds an awareness among students about a variety of situations they may encounter online: cyber bullying, suspicious sites, malicious website attacks, phishing sites, trustworthy research sources, and plagiarism online. 

Good digital citizens know how to combat cyber bullying and learn to identify questionable sites and find trustworthy resource pages for their school work. As society becomes more reliant on the internet and student presence online is an ever-growing reality, it is good to know that Dr. Cuellar students are aware and knowledgeable about their digital selves and the digital world around them.


CONGRATULATIONS to our staff pick of the month, Ms. Sarah Ortegon. 

Ms. Ortegon is our teacher of the month for her tireless, unyielding pursuit of student excellence in education. On many days, you will find her on campus before sunrise working on lessons and preparing for the day. With a firm, unwavering stance she looks forth to the future leading her students to another great year!

Congratulations to our Employee of the month, Mr. Daniel Andrade. 

Mr. Andrade just does not have "no" in his vocabulary. Whatever the challenge, Mr. Andrade is up to the task. With a friendly demeanor and a "can-do" attitude, Daniel can get things done! 






Alberto Herrera, Junior at UTRGV.

Former student of Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School. An outstanding student at Dr. Cuellar MS with a bright future!

"He was a character.  He would sing in class when were quietly doing work. All the other kids would laugh, smile. and listen. He was one of our standouts in football as well.  It is a blessing to teach him here in middle school and then coach him at east.  We few privileged teacher/coaches watch them grow from young preteens to young men and women." 

 ~J. Nava

7th Grade, Social Studies 


"Albert was one of the hardest-working, self-driven students, both academically and athletically, that I've had the pleasure of teaching.  I was not surprised to see him graduate in the top of his WEHS class, and I am not surprised to see him continue to be successful in college.  He would settle for nothing less than his best."

~ Marilyn Lopez

8th grade, PAP Language Arts teacher

At Dr. Cuellar Middle School we are BUILDING CHAMPIONS! 

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