Alberto Herrera, Junior at UTRGV.

Former student of Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School. An outstanding student at Dr. Cuellar MS with a bright future!

"He was a character.  He would sing in class when were quietly doing work. All the other kids would laugh, smile. and listen. He was one of our standouts in football as well.  It is a blessing to teach him here in middle school and then coach him at east.  We few privileged teacher/coaches watch them grow from young preteens to young men and women." 

 ~J. Nava

7th Grade, Social Studies 


"Albert was one of the hardest-working, self-driven students, both academically and athletically, that I've had the pleasure of teaching.  I was not surprised to see him graduate in the top of his WEHS class, and I am not surprised to see him continue to be successful in college.  He would settle for nothing less than his best."

~ Marilyn Lopez

8th grade, PAP Language Arts teacher

At Dr. Cuellar Middle School we are BUILDING CHAMPIONS! 

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