Dr. Cuellar students pictured with a few packages of underwear. 

The "Undies for Everyone" Charity campaign delivers new underwear to victims of Hurricane Harvey. $405 dollars raised and 3 donated packages of undies for children who were victims of the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey. 

In total, over 500 packaged pairs of undies purchased and donated for both boys and girls to the charity. 

Mr. Eli Gonzalez's 6th grade homeroom won class competition for most money donated and were rewarded with a pizza party.

Dr. Cuellar students were eager to help in any way those in need and it certainly shows. 

Undies for Everyone is a nonprofit organization in the greater Houston area that has been in existence since 2008.  Their primary mission is to supply underprivileged children in the Houston area with new underwear for the start of school each year.  This year, however, their mission shifted focus to hurricane relief because so many schoolchildren lost all of their clothes to floodwaters.




Congratulations Dr. C. Lopez! 

Campus, District, and State Teacher of the Year! 

At Dr. Cuellar Middle School we are BUILDING CHAMPIONS! 



Alberto Herrera, Junior at UTRGV.

Former student of Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School. An outstanding student at Dr. Cuellar MS with a bright future!

"He was a character.  He would sing in class when were quietly doing work. All the other kids would laugh, smile. and listen. He was one of our standouts in football as well.  It is a blessing to teach him here in middle school and then coach him at east.  We few privileged teacher/coaches watch them grow from young preteens to young men and women." 

 ~J. Nava

7th Grade, Social Studies 


"Albert was one of the hardest-working, self-driven students, both academically and athletically, that I've had the pleasure of teaching.  I was not surprised to see him graduate in the top of his WEHS class, and I am not surprised to see him continue to be successful in college.  He would settle for nothing less than his best."

~ Marilyn Lopez

8th grade, PAP Language Arts teacher

At Dr. Cuellar Middle School we are BUILDING CHAMPIONS! 

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